Finally we have the results of our verdejo wines vintage 2016!


The Verdejo grapes are harvested at night. This means that the grapes enter the cellar at the lower night-time temperature of 10–15 °C (50–59 °F) instead of the daytime temperature, which can be as high as 28–30 °C (82–86 °F) in September. Lower temperatures means less oxidation, or browning of the juice. Verdejo wines are aromatic, often soft, and full-bodied.


Starting with Calamar verdejo, Emporio Wines own brand from Rueda has a double medal!

Tasting Notes:

Colour: medium intensity straw yelow colour with deep green reflections. Bright and well presented.

Aroma: Intense fleshy white fruit (pear, apple ) and tropical fruit predominate.Touches of herbacious plants ( hay, fennel ), balsamic echoes and aniseed flavoured background with notesf white flowers.

Palate: fresh elegant and smooth, but well structured, tasty and aromatic. Complex and lingering finish with pleasant bitter touches typical of this variety.



Silver Medal at The International Wine Challenge




Bronze Medal at Decanter


and also Nékora had two awards!

Tasting Notes:

Colour: clean, bright and transparent. Yellow-green color with steely irises.

Aroma: intense with green apple scent and tropical fruits, shades of fennel and slightly aniseed. Great citrus touches.

Palate: tasty, fresh and balanced, with great volume and exquisite acidity. Nice attack with soft and persistent finish. Good balance alcohol-acidity with the half-high remembered in time.

Silver Medal at Sommelier Wine Awards

and Commended at International Wine Challenge


We will keep you posted about the awards.

The Emporio Wines Team

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awards from our rioja wines


Emporio Wines is glad to announce that our favorite winery at La Rioja has been very busy in the last months receiving a lot of medals!

What do you prefer? Decanter, Bruxelles, Rosés du Monde or Ecoracimos?

They just launched their first rosé wine, and before being out in the market already got a gold medal at Mondial du Rosés celebrated at Cannes.

you can check the wine sheet by clicking on the bottom below

wine sheet

One of the most nice organics wines in La Rioja, made 100% of tempranillo organic grapes has also been recognized by its quality in Ecoracimos, a spanish concours of organics wines, getting also a gold medal.


Continuing the savor faire of Pastor Diaz Family and his new winemaker Ventura Lasanta, we also won the another gold medal at Concours Mondial du Bruxelles, the GRANDE MEDAILLE D’OR !


and the last one is coming from Decanter, a silver medal for the Castroviejo Reserva


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