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If you are traveling this week because you are fortunate and have holidays… relax and drive calm!  

Mountain wines: The New Concept

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Since 2001, Grifoll Declara NO uses neither herbicides nor pesticides, so we fight at an ecological level for the preservation of the environment and the ecosystem. We are one of the drivers of LifePriorat, where we will be the first winery in 2019 with the 0% CO2 seal. We are members of the UNESCO Priorat project editor team, for the heritage of humanity. El Molar, having more …

Barbian 2016: 91 points at Guía Peñin

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Emporio Wines is pleased to present this week another award for one of our great spanish wines This time is Barbian, our «roble»  from Toro. Toro is a lesser-known region of Spain but home to some of its finest wines made from the Tinta de Toro grape, the original un-grafted variety of the Tempranillo grape, which produces wine with more colour and higher …